Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pets :3

So as I said before, I love animals. I have lots of pets too, and they take up a lot of my time, so I think its time to put them in a blog about me :3

I, like the other 45.6 million people in america have a dog. Mine is a little schnauzer dachshund(wiener dog) mix.
(got a little artsy :P)
I also have a lot rather unusual pets, one of these are two dumbo rats. They are brothers, and I love em!
I don't know how anyone could say that this is ugly.
Here's my hammy...
>.< I woke her up for this pic... She looks sleepy
Now I love the furry critters, but I also have a thing for the... well non furries ;)
This little guy is an albino african clawed frog

I think it kinda looks like hes smiling... but that's probably just me...
Anyways! Here is my handsome little bearded dragon

But what Im currently really excited about is my fishies! I have 4 adult molly fish. And about 20 molly fish babies, and today they turned 2 weeks old :) Im so excited, and they are so cute. I feel like a mother taking pictures of her babies... and I took a ton! Hope you enjoy them :)

 This is their mom, shes still pretty chubby :)

Thanks for reading, sorry if animals aren't your thing, (there will be plenty else to come, don't worry) and make sure to comment! :3


  1. I love your hamster + I find reptiles cute (I have an iguana at home) so I like the way your little dragon looks :D

  2. That frog loks so weird man haha.
    I didn't know there were any species of frag like that.
    AWesome pictures though.!

  3. That's a pretty bad ass dragon :D

  4. Those are some awesome pets. New Follower.

  5. You should post an update... I'd read it...