Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pets :3

So as I said before, I love animals. I have lots of pets too, and they take up a lot of my time, so I think its time to put them in a blog about me :3

I, like the other 45.6 million people in america have a dog. Mine is a little schnauzer dachshund(wiener dog) mix.
(got a little artsy :P)
I also have a lot rather unusual pets, one of these are two dumbo rats. They are brothers, and I love em!
I don't know how anyone could say that this is ugly.
Here's my hammy...
>.< I woke her up for this pic... She looks sleepy
Now I love the furry critters, but I also have a thing for the... well non furries ;)
This little guy is an albino african clawed frog

I think it kinda looks like hes smiling... but that's probably just me...
Anyways! Here is my handsome little bearded dragon

But what Im currently really excited about is my fishies! I have 4 adult molly fish. And about 20 molly fish babies, and today they turned 2 weeks old :) Im so excited, and they are so cute. I feel like a mother taking pictures of her babies... and I took a ton! Hope you enjoy them :)

 This is their mom, shes still pretty chubby :)

Thanks for reading, sorry if animals aren't your thing, (there will be plenty else to come, don't worry) and make sure to comment! :3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I love Minecraft. Its great. You all should play it. If you haven't its basically a sandbox construction game, in which the player builds and destroys various types of 3d blocks which consist of everything from diamond(:D) to dirt.You then take the resources youve collected to create sculptures, tools, portals to hell and tons of other awesome things. You are the only person in your "world" but you never feel too lonley because there are always cows, sheep and ducks/chickens nearby, and zombies, skeletons, spiders and creepers at night.
So this is my world, which ive had a fun time exploring...
You can see my little house right in the middle :)
Oh by the way, I got this image by using a program called "Cartograph"
It shows you a picture of your world either as a whole, like this pic, or you can type in a number, for example gold ore is 14, and it will show you all the places gold is found in your world. It makes mining a hell of a lot easier!

Ive made a few little things so far...
But with the new dye that was just added I plan on making lots more!
Gir is next on my list :)
For all of you players out there... you know how fun playing with lava is... well I learned to be careful the hard way...
I got a little excited when I got back from my first visit to hell, so me being an idiot decided to play with lava. I succeeded is setting every single tree and animal on my little peninsula of fire. The worst part(even worse than burning my whole house down!!) was that I fenced off my little area so the animals that spawned there would be nearby... well when they were engulfed in flame there was no where for them to run... it was horrible... may they rest in peace >.<

Well anyways! I find these next pics hilarious, and after playing a bit of Minecraft for yourself, you will too :)

And I might as well post some really helpful pics that I use all the time!

Go play!

All about me :)

So this is my first post, and I think its a good idea to tell you guys a little about me. I'm an upper-classmam in high school, a chick, have an amazing boyfriend and I live near good old Chicago. I really love animals, horse back riding is kinda my thing, and video games especially pokemon(duh) and at the moment I'm addicted to Minecraft(who isnt?!), so that's probably gonna be the main focus of this blog, plus whatever else I decide to throw in :)

Kk, that's pretty much me!
Thanks for reading, and be on the look out for more soon